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Engineering with LEGOS

Ever wonder what Engineers do to keep their minds sharp? Well, for the past few weeks at Bottle Rocket, all the math and code masters gathered together into teams and tried their hands at a building race. The design in mind? Why R2-D2 of course!

Among several challenges faced, it seemed that half of the time spent was on block acquisition. Several groups came up with strategies to combat the clock. Some found that sorting blocks by color saved time, others find that sorting block by shape and type was desired. Of course, R2-D2 is not an easy build and with nearly every piece being either white, gray or blue, organization was a necessary hurdle.

No matter which team comes out on top, the bonds built are most important. However, since it was a competition, several awards were given out on a wide variety of bases.


Fastest Build time, taking only 11 hours and 53  minutes, goes to the Pointy Haired Bosses!


The Slowpoke Award goes to X iOS + 1 Android for having completed the build in nearly 24 hours.


Individual Recognition:

Mr. Rogers (Play Fair): Dalton Claybrook

Extreme Time Keeper: John Ip

Whip Cracker: David Palmer

Last but not least, AWE Food Crew was given an honorable mention, almost. They were given the title Epic Fail due to not having dis-assembled R2-D2 after completing the build.


Rocketeers were among the winners of the Capital One Coding for Good Hackathon

Rocketeers have a passion for helping brands develop innovative ways to serve their customers.  When Capital One recently opened their innovation center, The Garage, in conjunction with a Hackathon challenge, some Rocketeers simply couldn't resist.

The Coding for Good Hackathon was a two-day event that brought together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from Universities to build mobile apps or web platforms that give people financial empowerment.  Whether it’s a youth opening his first bank account or an adult coming to terms with money management, this was a chance to solve some of the toughest challenges facing many people within the community.  A panel of technology and financial service experts, including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, judged the teams.

Students were competing for a $10,000 prize purse that included a $5,000 grand prize for the winning team, plus iPad Mini’s for each team member.

Rocketeers Justin Ehlert, Colin Campbell, Alex Gwyn and Nelson LeDuc were among the winners of the Capital One Coding for Good Hackathon.

Their app, FinanSir, is meant to be a personal finance butler. It looks at a users spending history and tells them what they can do differently to improve their financial standing.  FinanSir sends users intelligent notifications to make sure they are always up-to-date financially. By informing users of financial opportunities and their benefits, FinanSir can ensure that they get on the right track towards financial stability.


As if this couldn't get any better, Woz actually signed their iPads, making them some of the rarest in the world! 


8th Annual AAF Dallas Cable Day

November 11th marked the 8th Annual AAF Dallas Cable Day. The talk focused on the new age of television. Consumers may not be watching TV in the traditional sense of tube televisions and antennas anymore, but the average person still watches up to 5 hours of TV a day. For that reason alone, it is vital to keep up with content, consumption, and relevancy of video advertising in the media mix.

A select group of media experts were invited to speak, including one of our own, Judy Johnson, Director of Product Management for AWE.


Fred Bucher,  Group Vice President of Marketing, Time Warner Cable Media

Judy Johnson, Director of Product Management, AWE – a division of BottleRocket 

Danielle Krauter, Co-Executive Media Director, Moroch

John McNamara, VP ESPN Multimedia sales



Matt Powell, Co-Executive Media Director, Moroch


Lean UX at the Addison Treehouse

Bottle Rocket’s Michael Griffith was at the Addison Treehouse on the night of November 11th to speak of the powerful and production friendly tool, Lean UX. For those attending, they received an inside look into how Bottle Rocket, and other design firms, move along with product ideas, perfect graphics, and keep the budget to a comfortable level as they prevent waist from scrapped ideas.

A few crucial points from the presentation were:

  • The 2 most effective ways of communicating: talking and drawing
  • Work in a broad scope and tighten design with each iteration
  • Use simple techniques to achieve high quality results
  • Experience necessary, Humility required
  • Treat your work as if YOU were your client
  • Do not define yourself by the tools you use
  • Do not turn a website into an app
  • Do not build an app, build a brand experience


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