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Which WWDC 2012 Announcement Could Change the World Forever?

Easy answer, Passbook... 

It might seem like a simple convenience feature to address the frustrating user experience of fumbling through apps to find your boarding pass at the airport, or your Starbucks card at the cash register, but we feel there is something unspoken here that will change our world.

Bottle Rocket is already hard at work integrating the awesome iOS6 features into our apps and the apps of our valued customer partners. Just looking at the companies we work with, I'm sure you'll see dozens of opportunities for these amazing brands to serve their users even better with the advancements of iOS6. Top features like Passbook, the all-new Mapkit, Facebook integration and in app iTunes purchases will likely be the first features you will see implemented in our apps. However, what lies beyond those enhancements could be even more interesting…

It's widely known that Apple has yet to embrace near field communication (NFC). And many feel there are few companies that could make the promises of NFC a reality. We have proof now that handset manufacturers don't have this power, but Apple does! Here at Bottle Rocket, we believe Apple may be the only company with the understanding and technology to exert the control over the ecosystem required for mobile payments to be successful. With more payment details on file than any other company in the world, Apple has more than a leg up on their competitors. When you stop looking at mobile payments as a technology like NFC, but instead look at it as a transformation in consumer behavior and the way we conduct our business, it's easy to see why no one has been able to pull it off, yet...

Enter Apple’s Passbook. We see Passbook as a possible first move by Apple into the digital wallet space. Let's call it the framework and foundation on which a full mobile payments system could be built. In a matter of months there will be thousands of apps supporting Passbook and tens of millions of users with Passbook on their phone. That's at least 10 fold what is in the market now, and that's just the beginning. It only took iOS5 about 8 months to hit 80% installation coverage over qualified iOS devices. That means that in a year there could be over 100 million iOS devices running Passbook.

“This is Apple’s first move towards the wallet,” said Calvin Carter, President of Bottle Rocket Apps during a recent interview with Forbes. “This is massive.” Carter later added, “Passbook will prompt developers to start integrating the location-aware app into apps for large consumer brands.”

Will the next iPhone make this even more interesting with hardware that further leverages Passbook into a full mobile payments solution? We don't know. But we can't wait to find out!


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