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Thruster Releases Puzzle Game, Luma Link, for iPhone, iPad and Android

Thruster’s Luma Link puzzle game is based on the simple strategy of moving your sphere to the portal. Slide the platforms with the matching Lumas to create a path for the sphere to reach the portal. It’s that easy. Or is it? 

Luma Link is the new fun way to kill time! Much like Sudoku and Bejeweled, this game will leave you scratching your head and wanting more at the same time. 

Stretch your mind while playing one of the 300 free puzzles, new puzzles added daily, or purchase level packs to remove the ads. The puzzles start out easy, to train your mind, and progressively get more challenging. For an additional challenge, complete against the predetermined par set on each puzzle.

Visit iTunes or Google Play to download Luma Link for free today!


You can also view the app in action: 


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