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Thruster Releases New Version of Luma Link

Thruster's Luma Link app, a game of sliding platforms has released an updated version of the puzzle app. Version 1.2 comes with some new features including:

  • NEW Solvers to help you out when things get sticky! Simply tap the ? on the top of the screen to get step-by-step help in solving a puzzle.
  • New FREE pack of MASTER level puzzles ranging from 11 - 23 moves
  • Addition of January 2013 level pack for purchase.
  • Daily level packs have now been moved to the Daily menu to keep things tidy.
  • Various performance enhancements and bug fixes.

The game has a simple concept, but delivers challenges to users that keep them coming back for more. Whether you're killing time or just wanting to take a moment to stretch your mind, Luma Link offers 300 FREE puzzles. But don't worry, there are hundreds more for purchase when you get through with those!

Click here to enter the world of the mind-challenging Lumas!


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