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Team PicoGames builds 48 mini-games in 24 hours

If you’ve ever played the Wario Ware series of games, you’re familiar with the concept of microgames.

Tiny, multiple-second engagements, microgames task the player with a single objective and often take on a silly, cartoonish appearance.

Team PicoGames tasked themselves with building 24 of these microgames during their time at Rocket Science.

Instead, they churned out 48 individual picogames.

The games reflect our culture at Bottle Rocket with objectives like picking a charity of out of a basket, dodging NERF darts, and putting pieces of a stormtrooper costume on our founder and CEO Calvin Carter.

“The goal of the project was literally to build 24 games in 24 hours.  We were both hoping to explore some of the graphic API’s we don’t normally use in our day-to-day work and capture some of the playfulness that makes Bottlerocket a great place to work,” Android Developer Bill Francis said.

Team PicoFames won the "Most Solid” award for their effective use of time.

Rather than a golden goblet, however, Team Picogames received a celebratory brick.


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