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Rocketeers in Orbit: Michael Griffith at Application Developers Conference

A couple of weeks ago, Rocketeer Michael Griffith, Director of User Experience, was on a panel- How Does Your App Look, Sound and Feel?- at the Application Developers Conference in Los Angeles. The panelists all offered some good insights and information, so be sure to check out the video of that session.

Here's a description of what was discussed:

"In the highly crowded landscape of mobile apps, user experience is a key differentiator between competitors. In this session, industry leaders in design, function, touch, and sound will discuss the importance of a completely submersible experience with a user and how a rich user experience drives high engagement.

Viewers will have a better understanding of the types of SDKs available to make their apps look, sound, and work better. Real world examples from leading companies will provide examples for attendees to follow and learn from. One such example is a sound company that has an SDK which allows developers to integrate high-quality surround sound into Unity-based games."

Click on the image to watch and gain some invaluable insights!


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