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Rocketeers Host WWDC Recap

This week, Bottle Rocket held a training and networking event to share what we learned at the Apple Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) with the local iOS development community.

Registered iOS developers, from entry to senior-level, joined Rocketeers to review some of the most important technologies that were introduced at WWDC.

The goal of the event was to disseminate and discuss the technical knowledge gained at the conference and highlight features that we feel will be most important as iOS 7 and Xcode 5 become available. Attendees discussed how we could work together to tease out the power of the iOS platform by leveraging better design and engineering techniques now possible with iOS 7. Great engineers all share a common desire to make better products through creative thinking and technology.

While all registered Apple developers have easy access to WWDC’s content online, many came to discuss these changes with Rocketeer developers and hear Bottle Rocket’s perspective.

Austen, who led the event, said this year’s announcement of iOS 7 is a significant overhaul compared to prior years. “The way we design apps and our user’s expectations of how they will interact with them are going to change in a post-iOS 7 world,” Austen said.

Bottle Rocket is excited to share what we’ve learned and hope to host more in-depth iOS sessions in the future. For more information, please contact us at


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