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Discovery Channel Updates App in Time for Shark Week

The Discovery Channel HD app now features exciting co-viewing capabilities with the addition of Shark Week Plus, an interactive second screen experience. Using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, the app enables your device to identify the exact point in the episode you are watching and push relevant content to you – including what is trending on Twitter. This technology works whether you are watching live or catching up on recorded episodes.

The updated Discovery Channel HD also allows users to dive deeper into Shark Week than ever before with exclusive photos, behind-the-scenes information, revealing production shots, interactive infographics, shark trivia and much more!

Don't miss a minute of the excitment and download Discovery Channel HD now!

TV Shows Featuring Shark Week Plus:

  • Air Jaws Apocalypse (Sunday, August 12, 9PM e/p)
  • Sharkzilla (Monday, August 13, 9PM e/p)
  • How Jaws Changed the World (Tuesday, August 14, 9PM e/p)
  • Shark Fight (Wednesday, August 15, 9PM e/p)
  • Great White Highway (Thursday, August 16, 9PM e/p)


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