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Archive for March 2014

SHO Sync 3.0 is now available for iPhone with full redesign!

Showtime’s official second-screen app for iOS, SHO Sync has recently been updated to version 3.0. The app enhances the viewing experience of your favorite shows including “Homeland,” “Shameless,” and “House of Lies” by now allowing both your iPhone and iPad to automatically sync with your TV and present timely trivia, polls, predictions and more.

In addition to a gorgeous new iOS 7 design and improved navigation, SHO Sync 3.0 has two new amazing features.  Now you can browse content from other episodes while remaining in sync what you’re watching. You can also jump out of the app and receive notification when new content is available.

To download the app, click here.



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Judy Johnson, director of product innovation for Dallas-based app developer Bottle Rocket, thinks a lot of people are approaching the idea of the second screen completely wrong.

“Up until now, [second screen] has been mobile,” she said Oct. 20, speaking during a second screen panel at the Digital Hollywood conference. “Now, we’re seeing any screen can be the second screen.”

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