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Halloween Rocketeer Style

At Bottle Rocket, we always do things a little differently. Instead of celebrating Halloween today, we had our annual party this past Tuesday so that our head Rocketeer, or shall we say, Commander Cody, could make his grand entrance- cue the Star Wars theme-  into our company meeting and wow us all with his amazing, handcrafted Stormtrooper costume. 

You can see the winners of our Halloween costume contest below as well as Commander Cody Carter. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!

Calvin Carter as Commander Cody

First Place Overall - Jason Moerbe

Second Place Overall - Shelby Juilfs

Third Place Overall - William Grams

Most Creative - Michael Griffith

Best DIY - Adrienne Thomas

Funniest - Brandi Whitson as Calvin Carter

Lamest - Chad Barron


App Launch: Your Favorite Annoying Orange Has Launched a New Game Splatter Up!

The Prince of Puns returns with a new game just in time for the World Series!

Join the Annoying Orange and his entourage for this splatterific home run derby game that is sure to put you in stiches. Swipe for the fences and induce maximum pain (and points) on unsuspecting fruits like Apple, Banana and Cantaloupe in the Kitchen of Casualty.

The app features tons of hilarious character commentary and over 30 achievements to test your skills. Just when you think you have the hang of it, things start to heat up in the Kitchen and the challenges increase.

Splatter Up is available on both iOS and Android – join in the fun today!


App Launch: ABC News App Has Officially Landed on iTunes and Google Play

The new and improved ABC News app is ready for download on your iPhone and Android devices! The redesigned app brings you round-the-clock news and offers an abundance of really cool features that include:

  • Personalized alerts – Be the first to know. When you see a story that interests you, tap the star icon and we’ll send real-time updates right to your phone. 
  • ABC News Inbox – All your saved stories, alerts and follow-ups appear in one place for easy catch up. Swipe to share a headline, or effortlessly stop following a story.
  • Daily Rewind – Lean back, catch up and unwind in the evening with the day’s best video. AirPlay it if you like.
  • Best Reads – Today’s most fascinating news from across the app, all in one place.
  • Watch & Read – Now you can read stories while video is playing – video no longer takes over the entire screen. Build a playlist on the fly to create a personalized watchlist.
  • Radio – Whether you're out for an early-morning jog or driving home, ABC News Radio provides a great hands-free catchup – updated every hour.
  • Your Favorites First – With customizable navigation, you set the order of Sections in the side navigation. When you swipe, your sections will come first.

Get your app today on iTunes or Google Play!


Rocketeers in Orbit: Rocketeers Play a Big Role in this Year's Big Design Conference

Celebrating its 5th year, The Big (D)esign Conference has become a 4-day regional showcase of learning within the scope of strategy, mobile, user experience, gaming, code development, usability, film animation and design. This year Bottle Rocket played a big role not only through sponsorship but through speakers and hosting a workshop.

To give you an idea of the caliber of speakers this event draws, the closing keynote this year was Brandon Oldenburg, co-founder of Moonbot Studios and Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short Feature in 2012 for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. Matt Johnson, VP of Bottle Rocket's gaming division, Thruster, was among the distinguished speakers and presented Effective Analytics: "The Humanity of User Experience", a session that provided a focused discussion about UX for clients and within teams. To take this to the next level, a panel made up of Rocketeers from different disciplines discussed UX within teams at Bottle Rocket. Rocketeers who made up the panel included: James Helms (strategy), Lee de la Houssaye (business development), Sevilla Garza (project management), Chris Thrash (art direction), Brian Drell (iOS development), Tommy Eubanks (quality assurance & usability), and was moderated by conference co-chair and Rocketeer strategist, Adam Polansky.

In addition to Matt's presentation and the Rocketeer panel, we hosted the CrankyTalk Workshop for New Speakers here at our office. The workshop was designed to help UX professionals develop and deliver presentations for future events and was the 5th in a series of workshops run by Dan WIllis, Co-Author of Designing the Conversation who blogs as the UXCrank and Rocketeer Adam Polansky. CrankyTalk participants included Rocketeers Adam Craft and JB Chakowsky.

Check out the Big (D)esign Conference website for more information and stay tuned for next year's big event!


Rocketeer Charity: Rocketeers Support Duck Team 6

Duck Team 6 (DT6) is a fantastic organization made of friends who rescue dogs from the streets here in the Dallas area. To clarify, they are not responsible for sheltering the rescued dogs. According to their website, "We do what we can, but please know we cannot take in dogs that we capture. DT6 is not a 'rescue group' that fosters, boards, or shelters dogs. However, we are a 'capture team' that helps with the capture of elusive dogs and then works with those rescue groups to place a captured dog in a foster home, forever home or no-kill organization."

Rocketeer Brandi Whitson entered DT6 into our drawing. Her charity The St. Baldrick's Foundation that helps fund children's cancer research was chosen earlier this year. For Brandi, fighting childhood cancers is her main passion, but her other big passion is animals and she's super excited that DT6 will be our latest donation recipient! 

A wonderful example from the group's Facebook page of the amazing work the DT6 team does:




Recent News

One of Bottle Rocket Apps' latest applications has given a fast-food bird some new wings.

Chick-fil-A's latest version of its mobile app, released last week for iOS, allows customers to order and pay via their smartphone. The app allows customers to use the new features at more than 130 locations, with more expected to roll out in 2015.

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