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Archive for June 2013

Rocketeer Charity: Faith Hope and Charity Ministries

Last week, we selected Faith Hope and Charity Ministries as our first charity of the month. This nonprofit Christian ministry has spent more than two decades supporting village pastors and children of South India. 

The organization sponsors 45 pastors annually who tend to a community of more than 4,000 people – many of which are orphans, widows, homeless or poor. Most recently, Faith Hope and Charity Ministry has been raising funds to build a new orphanage.

This cause is especially important to Rocketeer Sandeepa Vemireddy, who was raised in South India.

“I grew up seeing homeless, hungry kids coming to our community begging for food,” she said. “As a child, I felt helpless that I was not able to help them.”

Sandeepa said she nominated this charity because she knows the owners and their goal to help as many kids as possible.

As a creative way to support them, Sandeepa even used one of her kid’s birthday parties as a reason to donate rather than receive gifts.

We hope that with our contribution, Faith Hope and Charity Ministry is one step closer to building their orphanage. To learn more about this organization or to make a donation, click here.


Rocketeers In Orbit: The Cable Show 2013

Team AWE just returned from The Cable Show in Washington, DC this week and brought back with them some nuggets of valuable information that help paint the picture of where TV Everywhere (TVE) and Second Screen stand among cable providers and networks in the mobile space today and where all of this is heading.

AWE’s General Manager, Scott Maddux recently wrote about Second Screen apps’ failures, successes and trends. In his article, Scott discussed many of the things that were covered at The Cable Show, including, the growing popularity of TVE and Second Screen among content producers and networks and how they’re increasingly beginning to incorporate these apps into their content. With the shift moving towards multiscreen experiences, presentations at The Cable Show drove the following points home:

  • Consumers now expect to have their favorite content available anywhere, anytime and on any device for FREE.
  • The desire to offer multiscreen experiences is becoming common not only among networks, but also among cable providers.
  • TV Everywhere is dominating contract negotiations among most networks.


When it comes to cable networks, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast opened Tuesday’s session stating, “I think if you don't have your products on every platform, you're missing a whole generation." He continued by noting that Comcast’s X2 platform will be revealed later this year and will come with deep personalization, social media features and customization options.

Roberts explained that the objectives for X2 are to “make it faster for consumers to get the content they want, make it smarter so they don’t have to do things over and over again, make it easy, so it isn’t too clunky and hard to get around, and make it personalized.” The expansion of multiscreen experiences into cable in addition to networks further shows the continous growth of Second Screen and TVE apps, which of course, is a good thing for our industry!


Long Ellis, GM & VP of Flurry, the largest digital analytics company in mobile and one of our valued partners, did a presentation titled, “TV Disruption – Is Mobile the Future” during which Ellis stated, “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a strategy.” Ellis went on to provide these facts that show the healthy growth of mobile and the trends in how consumers are getting their content.

  • Consumers are active on over 1 billion smartphones and tablets per month.
  • There are over 1.3 trillion unique actions completed by consumers in apps each month.
  • TV viewing is healthy but with little growth. However, there has been 35% growth in mobile viewing from 2011 to 2012.
  • App usage outperforms TV viewing during the day and peaks during Primetime. 
  • The time users spend watching shows on tablets has increased by more than 200% in under a year.
  • 34% of the people in the US now own a tablet and over 50% own smartphones.

In all, The Cable Show provided some interesting perspectives and insights into our industry and confirmed much of what Team AWE knew to be true. On top of all of that, six of our apps were on display including, the newly launched Watch Travel Channel app!

We’re pretty sure, however, that the highlight for Team AWE must have been seeing a performance by none other than MC Hammer…that’s right, MC baggy pants, “You Can’t Touch This” Hammer! AWE’s Jacqui Gray now firmly believes a live performance of Too Legit to Quit should be the new normal for starting one’s week! 


App Launch: Watch Travel Channel

You can now watch Travel Channel wherever and whenever you want!

The app launched today, giving viewers easy access to Travel Channel’s distinctive programming and exclusive extras. The app allows you to subscribe to any show, host or destination and your Watchlist is updated automatically whenever new content becomes available.

The app is updated daily with full TV episodes, clips and original content. Access to the app is free through participating service providers.

Watch Travel Channel is available on iTunes and Google Play.



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