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Archive for March 2013

Rocketeer Charity: The Dallas Museum of Art's "An Affair of the Art"

The Dallas Museum of Art's Junior Associates is a group of professionals under the age of 40 who share a love of art and culture. Each September, they host a black-tie gala called "An Affair of the Art", the winning charity in our first drawing of the month! The event has been raising funds to support the museum's exhibition program for 20 years. The DMA has a collection of 23,000 works, many of which reside in the museum's permanent collection, incorporating every significant movement in contemporary art to date.

Dallas Museum of Art

Rocketeer Jourdan Hurst, who submitted the charity, is a proud member of the DMA Junior Associates. She said, "I personally chose this event and organization because I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the 2013 movement for free general admission and the launch of an innovative new membership model available to the public for free. This new program encourages equal access to arts education and enrichment by setting a new standard for visitor engagement and patronage. We really are so lucky to reside in a city with museum holdings of this caliber."

For more information about DMA Junior Associates and how you can get involved, click here!


Rocketeer Interviewed About TV Everywhere & Second Screen Experiences

Jason Osburn, a Rocketeer from our AWE division, was recently inteviewed for a story about TV everywhere and second screen experiences that ran on The Arizona Republic website. The gist of the article is about how watching video wherever and whenever has become the norm in our culture today. Jason heads strategy and product development for AWE and shared some insight into that world! Click here to read what Jason has to say!


Rocketeer Charity: Water Is Basic

Water Is Basic, an organization that empowers South Sudan in their fight for clean water, was drawn during our latest employee charity drawing. Water is Basic is a non-profit organization dedicated to putting clean, safe drinking water within reach of everyone in the Republic of South Sudan. Clean and safe drinking water is something many of us in more developed countries take for granted. Just one flush of a toilet in the west uses more water than most Africans have to perform an entire day’s washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking.

Rocketeer Matthew Watters submitted the organization for the drawing. His interest in Water is Basic "stems from the fact that it is an effort that employs local South Sudanese, and only installs a well in an area when there has been demonstrated community organizing, financing, and commitment to maintaining the well".

Water Is Basic is set up as a sustainable solution to the South Sudanese water problems. It has saved lives and will continue saving lives for many years to come. For more information about this organization, or to find out how you can help, visit the Water Is Basic website.



Recent News

One of Bottle Rocket Apps' latest applications has given a fast-food bird some new wings.

Chick-fil-A's latest version of its mobile app, released last week for iOS, allows customers to order and pay via their smartphone. The app allows customers to use the new features at more than 130 locations, with more expected to roll out in 2015.

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