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Child’s Play: Our July Charity of the Month

The goal of Child's Play is to “improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play”. In 2003, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic, called on the gaming community to help the Seattle Children's Hospital during the holidays. They quickly had a garage full of gifts for ill children and raised over $250,000.

Brian Cope, our star Project Manager in Thruster, first heard about Child's Play in 2006 when he had the opportunity to donate at a local gaming community fundraiser. He nominated Child's Play “because of it's something simple everyone can do to give children a little bit of an escape from an unpleasant situation. It's very easy for the community to give just a little bit of money that helps improve the attitudes of the patients.”

Over the years, Child’s Play has received incredible feedback from parents, doctors, friends, and patients regarding the positive influence of games during hospital stays. Studies have shown that children able to play games while undergoing painful procedures request less pain medication. Technology like the Kinect and Wii Balance Board allow for children to participate in physical therapy activities in an enjoyable, approachable environment. Children also struggle with a lack of normalcy or routine during hospital stays; being able to play a multiplayer game with a sibling or play a handheld system during a late-night treatment helps ease these additional stresses.

In 2011 along they raised $3,512,345 in gifts and cash donatinos. We are excited to see what 2012 holds for this charity and are pleased to be able to donate to this great cause. To learn more, visit


Food Network In the Kitchen Receives 4 Stars from 148Apps

148Apps provides insight into the very best in iOS apps through numerous reviews and tracking what is selling and hot in the iTunes App store. Food Network In the Kitchen was reviewed by 148Apps this week and received 4 stars!!


And here is what they had to say...

“It’s a promising sign when a recipe app makes you hungry, even though you’ve just eaten. The imagery within Food Network In the Kitchen does exactly that.”

Other useful sideline features include a shopping list facility and the ability to add notes to recipes, or organize them via the Recipe Box feature that’s also available on the Food Network website. There’s also a convenient yet simple unit converter.”

“Much like with cookery books, it’s fun to collect as many cookery apps as possible. I should know, with an ever-growing list of food based apps to inspire me. Food Network In the Kitchen slots in there perfectly, offering a vast number of recipes for every occasion.“

We couldn't agree with you more, 148Apps. Congratulations again to our partners and friends at Food Network.

To check out the full review of Food Network In the Kitchen, click here!


It Gets Better Project – Our July Charity of the Month

The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it will get better!

In September 2010, author Dan Savage created a YouTube video with his partner Terry Miller to inspire hope for young people facing harassment. In response to a number of students taking their own lives after being bullied in school, they wanted to create a personal way for supporters everywhere to tell LGBT youth that, yes, it does indeed get better. Since the first video was uploaded, the worldwide movement has inspired more than 50,000 user-created videos, which have been viewed more than 50 million times.

Thank you to Chris Roche, one of our remarkable account managers, for bringing this exceptional organization to all of our attention by nominating it in our bi-monthly charity drawing. Visit to show your support and learn how to get involved!


In The Kitchen Ranks #1 in “Food & Drink”

Finding apps to help you cook and serve up drinks just got a lot easier thanks to Apple's new Food & Drink category. The category includes "apps that help users cook and bake, mix drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink." It is available in both the desktop version of iTunes and the iOS App Store on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Like other categories, the Food & Drink category tracks the top paid and free apps as well as new and trending apps. Our very own Food Network – In the Kitchen app is ranked #1 in the Food & Drink Top Paid apps! In the Kitchen grants you instant access to your favorite Food Network chefs and all their most popular recipes. Plus, you can compare recipes, create a recipe box full of your favorites, add ingredients to your shopping lists and so much more.

Congratulations again to our friends and partners at Food Network!!!

To download Food Network - In the Kitchen, click here.



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One of Bottle Rocket Apps' latest applications has given a fast-food bird some new wings.

Chick-fil-A's latest version of its mobile app, released last week for iOS, allows customers to order and pay via their smartphone. The app allows customers to use the new features at more than 130 locations, with more expected to roll out in 2015.

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