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Archive for December 2009

Santa Wings 2 Selected for New and Noteworthy on Apple's App Store


Save Christmas by delivering presents and blasting grinches with your flying attack elves. A fun, addictive and action-packed holiday game that is sure to put a smile on your face. Safe for kids, action-packed for adults.


• Photo-realistic full 3D world combined with whimsical illustrations and hilarious sound effects

• Deliver presents using your rapid-fire gift cannon

• Blast grinches using your flying attack elves

• Save Christmas by maintaining Peppermint Power

• Speed increases making each level more challenging

• Dangling air freshener tells you which way is up

Apple picked Santa Wings 2 for their New and Noteworthy showcase on the iTunes App Store. Thank you Apple. It's the perfect holiday gift!

See more about Santa Wings 2 here.

Download Santa Wings 2 from the App Store here.


NPR News iPhone App, developed by Bottle Rocket Apps, Rated 4 Mice by MacWorld Magazine


From MacWorld Magazine, January 2010 Edition:

NPR has done a great job of meshing online content with its on-air material to create a full-featured iPhone news app. If you are familiar with the broadcaster’s Web site (be it the regular or mobile version), then this app will be familiar territory for you, just in a slightly more convenient package.

The prominent feature of NPR News is, surprisingly enough, news. The main screen presents multiple news categories which allow you to browse the current news, view news photos, and listen to audio clips from the related broadcast, as well as the hourly newscast. If you’d like to tune into your local news, you can also find the live stream for any public radio station in the country that supports it and even set a list of favorite stations for easy access.

If you’re a fan of the regular programs that NPR broadcasts, this app has got you covered. Much like the online NPR experience, the NPR News app gives full access to the broadcaster’s podcast archive; you can listen to podcasts individually or add them to a playlist that can handle all of the audio content in the app.

What really sets NPR News apart from other apps is its sharing abilities. Once configured, you can share any news story with friends using e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook with a single click.

Simply put, if you like NPR and find yourself with a craving for great public radio on the go or simply don’t have access to a computer or radio, this application is a great solution. It has its drawbacks in lack of textual local news and push notification of breaking news. And since it’s a free app, you’ll have to contend with ads. Still, that’s a small trade-off to make for such a well-done app.

See full review here.

Get more information about the app here.


Booyah! Prairie Chute 1.5 Arrives Safely in the App Store (well maybe with a few buzzard bites and cactus needles)

pc_gameplayThe popular "pick up and play" casual game Prairie Chute is now part of the Bottle Rocket family. Since its initial release on the app store it has been played over 120,000 times and has thousands of players charting global high scores and collecting achievements through the Agon social network.

The game features a parachuting prairie dog that you must safely guide (using the iDevice accelerometer) to the hole with the light on. Its starts off fairly easy, but after a few rounds buzzards, coyotes, land mines and electric fences will try to impede your progress. You can collect floating stars along the way to earn extra lives and unlock over 20 different achievements to earn the "Top Dog" ranking which gives the player a special Elvis skydiving suit!

The app has lots of humor and is fun for the whole family... so pack those chutes and get to the dog droppin' fun today! You can find Prairie Chute on the app store.



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One of Bottle Rocket Apps' latest applications has given a fast-food bird some new wings.

Chick-fil-A's latest version of its mobile app, released last week for iOS, allows customers to order and pay via their smartphone. The app allows customers to use the new features at more than 130 locations, with more expected to roll out in 2015.

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