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Archive for October 2009

Test Flight Taste Test - Wings Free!

app-icon-512x512-bWings brings the fun, excitement and relaxation of flying to everyone, not just pilots. Wings’ flight visualizer and virtual worlds have the most beautiful terrains and environments available on the iPhone.

Take a test flight of Wings Earth free for a limited time. Click this link to download the free version of the app on the App Store.

Play your own music from your iPhone or choose one of the built-in tracks. Go searching for salt flats and cruise through a riverbed canyon. Make Wings your own personal flying escape. Download it now and you’ll be amazed. This is a fun and entertaining way to pass time for anyone and is 100% safe for kids. Both relaxing and fun, Wings is the best way to get away.


Something Wicked Arrives - Bottle Rocket's First iPhone Hardware App


Bottle Rocket is one of the first companies to release an app that controls a hardware accessory connected to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Please contact us about making an app for your hardware (and the hardware itself).

About the HD Radio iPhone/iPod Touch App:

Turn any iPhone or iPod Touch into a HDRadio receiver using the HD Radio Tuner (available from RadioShack) and this app!

HD Radio is the most significant advancement in radio broadcasting since the introduction of FM stereo more than 50 years ago. HD Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally – a tremendous technological leap from the analog broadcasts of the past.

The HD Radio app controls your HD Radio Tuner, which is an external piece of hardware that connects to any iPhone or iPod Touch's dock connector to tune your local radio stations. There are two models available from Gigaware that can be purchased at or your local RadioShack store.


- Amazing interface

- Tune manually using the wheel or using auto-seek

- Song and station information

- Tell your friends what your listening to through Email, Twitter and Facebook

- Tag your favorite songs for later review or purchase

- Store your favorite stations

- See what's playing on a station's HD Radio channels


- Compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touch models.

- The HD Radio app requires a compatible HD Radio Tuner.

Download the app from the App Store (you must have the HD Radio iPhone/iPod Touch hardware accessory to use the app).



Recent News

One of Bottle Rocket Apps' latest applications has given a fast-food bird some new wings.

Chick-fil-A's latest version of its mobile app, released last week for iOS, allows customers to order and pay via their smartphone. The app allows customers to use the new features at more than 130 locations, with more expected to roll out in 2015.

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