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Archive for June 2009

Wings Galaxy Available Now!

One of the most complicated apps we've ever released. Trust us, we have the bags under our eyes to prove it.

What our beta testers said:

"Every once in a while a game comes along that really impresses you. Wings Galaxy is that game."

"I really like the graphics."

"After playing Wings Earth, I was really hoping you would make a space exploration game."

"One of the few games I can actually play more than once and still have fun."

"If you sell this for less than five bucks, this will be the best value on the App Store."

"Finally a game that's not another bad port from a game console. This is so much better."

"Challenging enough to keep me interested, but not impossible to master."

Wings Galaxy takes the Wings apps to a whole new level with substantially greater game content enhanced by a rich custom music score intended to evoke a completely immersive intergalactic experience. Players will be dazzled with minute attention to details embedded in every aspect of game from the splendid graphics and effects to the expanded exploration grid and mission objectives. Earn your badge as a bona-fide Space Cowboy as you navigate treacherous asteroids and initiate hyper-space jump drives in your efforts to mine Trillium and rescue distressed ships... Ready to come aboard? Then click here to blast off...


Wings Earth 2.5 Submitted to Apple

Wings Earth (Wings 2) gets an update with 2.5.

Here's the highlights:

  • Major improvement to surface detail. 4 times more pixel density. What's that? In other words, it's more realistic... ;-)

  • Added highest-requested feature: turn off crash effects.

  • Added new audio track from Wings Galaxy

  • Ready for future versions of iPhone and iPod software. In other words it won't break when iPhone 3.0 comes out. Or at least it better not or someone's working a 24 hour shift.

  • General stability, speed and operating system compatibility improvements.

  • Improved help and support access.

  • Improved HUD performance and accuracy. Flight realistic control.

It's a free update to everyone who owns or buys Wings Earth.


Wings Galaxy Sneak Peek!

OMG! Wings Galaxy is finally done! One of the most complex and exciting projects we have ever undertaken has been submitted to Apple for the infamous app review process.

We've worked very hard on Wings Galaxy and hope you're excited about the next chapter in one of the most successful iPhone app franchises on the App Store. Like Wings 2 (Earth), Wings Galaxy will not be a copy-cat first person shooter or pixelated port. It will not be another game that you play and dispose of in a day or two. We have tried to preserve the beautiful, relaxing and simple nature of Wings, while adding purpose and goals for those seeking a little more of a challenge.

So, what's the goal? Do you capture another planet, are you running from an enemy, are you a deep space junk trader? We're not telling. In fact, that's part of the fun - discovering how to play and what to do. We'll show you how to control your ship, and that's about it. You figure the rest out on your own in the open-ended 4 galaxies you can explore.



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