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Archive for May 2009

GasBuddy for iPhone Gets Major 2.0 update!

Our largest update in Bottle Rocket history! GasBuddy is already the most feature-rich fuel finder on the iPod and iPhone. But we've raised the bar again with over 32 important improvements, feature additions and tweaks. We listened to our customers and picked the top 30 requests (plus two more). They are:

- Address and name on list views

- Additional station logos to help you identify your favorite brands

- Improved price reporting screen

- Metric conversion setting

- Maps show your current location or center of ZIP code based on search type

- New Savings screen

- New GasBuddy screen with direct access to support

- Improved and better implemented customer support and FAQ's

- Station location on maps more accurate

- Added ability to report price for unlisted station

- Added refresh to price report screen

- Added ability to report prices in areas where you are not currently

- Shortened Recommend email. Please recommend GasBuddy to your friends

- Added all keys to keyboards for optional member login

- Added help to On Fumes screen

- Added price data to On Fumes pins, when available. Remember that On Fumes is only for finding the nearest gas station when in an emergency.

- Added direct navigation to station in On Fumes screen.

- Added 96 hours to the price aging options

- GasBuddy now searches outside the search range to always find more stations for you

- Rewrote the GPS location code to use latest iPhone software

- Improved server connectivity to app

- Added help text in Settings screens

- Now diesel-owner friendly

- More stable

- Added more alert dialog messages

GasBuddy now fully Canadian-Friendly:

- All screens reformatted to be more Canadian friendly

- Canadian station detail view

- New Canadian price list view shows cents/liter with decimal

- New Canadian map pins

- Added Canadian price reporting screen

- 15 new Canadian station logos added

- Metric conversion

- Canadian Savings screen

The update has been submitted to Apple and should be approved in mid June... And here's the great thing: Most every time you use GasBuddy when filling your tank, you save more than what the app costs. And, for example, in Dallas, TX a GasBuddy user will save as much as $300 a year (your mileage may vary). Truly amazing!

Get GasBuddy on the App Store now. Everyone who buys it will get the update for free.


Seek and Spell is Bottle Rocket Approved!

I know, I know, why would we tell everyone to go buy another company's iPhone app? Especially one made by one of our competitors, Retronyms makers of Recorder and competitor to Voxie Pro Recorder. First off Voxie and Recorder are two different apps that appeal to different types of customers. And second, we're friends with the guys at Retronyms and love their new app Seek and Spell.

On a recent trip to California to visit Apple to show them some new projects, we had a chance to grab coffee (and I think a orange-cranberry scone was involved) with Dan and Bob of Retronyms. We had a great time telling App Store war stories and sharing ideas.

Then we headed over to a park near the Embarcadero where we whipped out our iPhones and conjoured up a game of Seek and Spell. At first I was a little skeptical. Sure it was a novel idea, running around looking at your iPhone while trying not to slam into a tree. But I had no idea how fun and engaging this was going to be.

It was awesome!

First, I finally got a little exercise that I've been meaning to do for about 20 years. But the real fun was the immediate rush of adreneline that comes over you once the game begins. I absolutely loved how the experience was "outside the iPhone". Seek and Spell isn't just an app, it's an experience. A real one, not a fantasy world seen through a 320x480 window.

I found myself jumping over bushes, ducking behind buildings, calculating what letters I should go for first (yes, there is a lot of strategy to this game if you want to take it that far) and regretting eating that before-mentioned scone.

All I can say is, you and at least one friend need to go download Seek and Spell to see what I mean. It's awesome, and our hat is off to our friends at Retronyms. Kudos gentlemen (and lady). We'll be back soon for a rematch. This time it's gonna be a smack down. We've been practicing.

Seek ’n Spell gameplay video from Retronyms on Vimeo.



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