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Archive for March 2009

Overnight Wins 4 Star Review from

App Review by

"Today we take a look at Overnight from Bottle Rocket. We have been sitting on this gem of an app for some time now and have finally gotten a chance to write a comprehensive review of it. If you are a small business owner or just someone who sends or receives multiple shipments monthly, Overnight is an essential utility for your iPhone.

First off, let me say that Bottle Rocket has a really cool website! When you see their collection of apps for the iPhone, you will immediately agree with me that these guys really know how to make your iPhone look good! Their apps are colorful and intuitively designed, and easily stand out from the masses. Our focus app today, Overnight, is the most comprehensive shipment management app for the iPhone.

Overall, we love the simple yet intuitive design and added functionality that Overnight offers. It is definitely the most feature rich shipment management app for the iPhone. Also, the app is designed to maintain the branded colors of each of the major carriers. e.g. UPS shipments have a brown interface and FedEx has purple... Be sure to check out our gallery of Overnight's interface screenshots and look out for reviews of other titles from Bottle Rocket in the future."

Read full review here.


Voxie 2.0 is Here! Brings First-Ever Transcription to iPhone!

Voxie 2.0 is now on the App Store. We accumulated all of our customers requests and ranked them by popularity. We included tweaks and feature additions to cover all of the most popular requests, and we'll continue to add other features our customers request.

But the BIG NEWS is the addition of professional transcription, powered by Quicktate. This feature is just one more way that Voxie is differentiating itself from the competition. Voxie Transcriptions will convert your recordings to text by a professional staff 24 hours a day and quickly send to you or any number of recipients. There are many service plans with no commitment from light use to heavy commercial use including business letters, multiple speakers and legal transcription.

It's really easy to use. Just record a message as you would normally do, but this time tap Transcribe and select if you want the transcribed text to be emailed back to you or to another recipient(s). You can literally dictate your emails, letters, notes to your friends or yourself. And, unlike other services, you're not limited to 15 or 30 second mini-notes. You could dictate a complete letter.

The accuracy is excellent. Unlike "automated" services or cumbersome voice-recognition software, Voxie Transcriptions uses a professional staff based in the USA. You can give directions such as "Type this as a list", and your pauses and "um's" won't be in the final message. This is an absolute requirement for business, legal and medical transcriptions. And now it's available to everyone at an extremely low price. Plans start as low as $4.95!

Each owner of Voxie 2.0 can join the free trial to try the service out, and none of the plans come with a long term commitment. Try it out and you'll wonder how you ever got along with out it!

More on the Voxie Transcription service here.

Get Voxie 2.0 for iPhone and 1st or 2nd generation iPod Touches here.



Recent News

One of Bottle Rocket Apps' latest applications has given a fast-food bird some new wings.

Chick-fil-A's latest version of its mobile app, released last week for iOS, allows customers to order and pay via their smartphone. The app allows customers to use the new features at more than 130 locations, with more expected to roll out in 2015.

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