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iTunes Connect Closed for the Holidays. Should we take the hint?

[caption id="attachment_286" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Starting today, developers logging into their iTunes Connect account to post or manage their apps will see this sign."]Starting today, developers logging into their iTunes Connect account to post or manage their apps will see this sign.[/caption]Some of you may have received support email responses from us at all hours of the day and night and wondered if we ever sleep or if we even have lives outside of the iPhone and the App Store. The answer is, well, no comment...

That said, even Apple is taking the next 4 days off. Good for them. So, should we take the hint and lower the shades on Bottle Rocket for at least a few days.

The answer is, well, no comment...

We will actually keep at least one Bottle Rocketeer on duty for any of your support requests. Responses may take longer than a few hours, but we'll be here for those last minute holiday questions about our apps. Heck, it's the holidays. It's the least we could do for our customers. ;-)

Happy Holidays everyone from all of us at Bottle Rocket.


Ask for a Kiss and you might get a Slap!

Ok everyone, it's time to just chill and have some fun. Sure you know us for high-flying apps like Wings 2.0 or super-functional apps like Overnight and Voxie. But we like to relax and just have some fun too.Mistletoe is our latest contribution to this year's collection of holiday apps. It joins Santa Wings and Voice Cards-Seasons Greetings (still waiting for Apple to give the nod) as our "triptych" of holiday apps.It's just 99 cents. Are there other mistletoe apps out there? Yep, quite a few actually. But we like ours best. Let us know what you think.Wave Mistletoe above your head at the next holiday party, ask for a kiss and see what you get. Mistletoe will keep your score, kisses vs. slaps, while it rewards you with sound effects and professionally rendered "animated" images of mistletoe.Just something fun to pass the time, and our way of saying Happy Holiday Everyone!


Overnight: Kitchen Sink Included

The name we gave Overnight on the App Store is "Overnight: Express Shipping, Tracking, Pricing & Drop Locations". We know that's a mouthful, but this app is an iPhone full. There really is no way to describe how much actually went into this app.We started working on Overnight back in June BEFORE the App Store launched. I know what you're thinking, "wow, these guys are slow". Trust us, that's not the case. Overnight is one of those home-fix-it projects that starts out as something as simple as re-caulking the bath tub. So you head to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some caulk, but while you're there you see some great looking tile. But when you get the tile in, the sink doesn't match. You see where I'm going. Before you know it, you have a $25,000 bathroom remodel job on your hands. But when you're finally done, you realize it's a masterpiece and you're so happy to you did it.That's how we feel about Overnight. It's truly amazing how many features we crammed into this app. In fact, we'd like to use the full word. Let's call it an application. So that we don't repeat the App Store description, we won't list out all the features, but Overnight has all the tools you need to price, send, track and receive any express shipment.Overnight can help you: Find a drop box location or post office, what time does this FedEx Kinko's close, when is today's latest drop, what are their hours, are they open on Saturday, what ZIP code am I in, tracking packages, getting a price quote, how much more if I insure my package, how much will I save if I can wait one more day, did that package arrive, I need to send this tracking information to my customer, how long will it take to drive to this drop location, I need directions to that UPS Store, how much will I save if I send it Ground, blah, blah, blah. You get the idea.We hope you enjoy Overnight. It's fresh out of the Bottle Rocket app oven. Lightly browned and crispy on the edges...


Wings 2.0 Coming in HOT!

Wings 2.0 is here, finally! After waiting on the tarmac (the App Store review queue) for a bit longer than we hoped, Wings 2.0 is available for download free for all users of Wings 1.0.And if you don't have Wings 1.0, there's no better time than now to join the Wings family.Over 10,000 people downloaded the Wings 2.0 update within 24 hours of its release. Wow, even the FAA's supercomputer couldn't keep up with all those newly filed flight plans.Wings 2.0 has dramatically improved nearly every aspect of Wings. Take a look at what's new in Wings 2.0?- Inflight heads up display (HUD) similar to Garmin 1000- Magnetic compass- Flight controls- Throttle speed control- Dramatically faster- New worlds added (old favorites retained)- Change options while flying- Whole new Wings look- Crashing sounds, shake effects and broken glass (cumulating damage)- Improved graphic detail- More water and intertwined rivers- Change viewing angle for sitting, reclining or lying down- Make sure to see the Wings section in main iPhone Settings- New main menuAlso, don't forget to head over the App Store and check out "Santa Wings: Rudolph's Christmas Flight" for some seriously fun holiday flying.YouTube Video from


Overnight Delivery Soon!

I want to share a brief glimpse of our soon to be release app, Overnight. This amazing tool is essential for anyone who interacts with shipping or receiving packages.  Portable.  Convenient.  Overnight has just about every piece of information you'd need regarding your packages.  With the holidays impending, this app is sure to be indispensable!    Its functions include:

  • Tracking packages from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS
  • Finding the nearest carriers to your current location
  • Locating what zip code you’re currently in and what zip codes are within the same vicinity
  • Pricing packages from each carrier based on location to destination, package type and any other additional information
Now, for the nitty-gritty:Tracking:   When you place in a tracking number, all the details including the mapped route are conveniently displayed right in the palm of your hand. Overnight will automatically store all your tracking numbers and update your shipping status in real time.Locations: Choose your location based on your search criteria 
  • Select one, two, three or all carriers
  • Designate how far away you’re willing to travel (in miles or kilometers).
  • Select what days stores MUST be open
  • Pick locations that are staffed
Based on your search criteria, Overnight will find the closest carrier to you - thanks to iPhone GPS capability - and lists each one starting with the closet one.  It’ll tell you not only how far it is, but how long it takes to get there.  You can then select any one of them and be shown more details like their phone number, address, the ability to map it or to send the location to someone else.  In addition to the standard information, it also includes the the store hours and the latest times packages go out.Zip Locator: A simple yet useful tool.  One touch kinda gives you your current location's zip.  It also provides the three closest zip codes around you.  Pricing:  For all of those who like to know how much something costs before you even walk into the store, this is your feature.  Choose any carrier, input  you shipping specifications and you'll get an estimate for how much your package will cost you.  We've packed a lot into one application but as always...let us know what you think.



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